Hi! I’m Bruce Rawles. Welcome to my (original) blog… I’m probably best known in some circles for my interest in what has become known as sacred geometry, although my deeper philosophical current is the transpersonal idea that we’re all interconnected, and that nature presents us with countless means of evolving our awareness of that relationship to the cosmos, globally and locally, at every turn, be it through patterns biological, the symbols in our dreams, or just every day “synchronicities”. I’m also a firm believer in the principle that it’s quite effective to be passionate about causes that promote kindness and benevolent outcomes for all… and (here’s where we’re all learning) our freedom lies in the degree of our detachment from the outcomes of our efforts. I have lots more to share about all this, much of which will evolve on my blog, and much I’ve already shared on my existing websites at (formerly Intent.com until about 2007) ACIMblog.com, BruceRawles.com, GeometryCode.com, and WP-WebDesigns.com. You can also contact me via the forms on any of these sites.


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